WAFC CO Showcase


January 26 - January 28, 2018
Aurora Sports Park, Aurora, CO

2018 is the 12th Annual WAFC Showcase.  This is a great pre-season event for teams and referees!  Referees should provide availability in GameOfficials.net, PTW Group 1059.

Competition includes U16 - U19 girls and boys competitive teams. This is the first tournament of the year in Colorado, teams preparing for spring competitions as well as showcasing talents to college coaches, each year brings us some out of state teams in the competition.  All games played on the turf fields at Aurora Sports Park.

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WAFC Colorado Showcase Homepage

Official Rules of Competition & Referee Information

Aurora Sports Park Field Map

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2016 ends Saturday night with Colorado snow, referees are still smiling!

Assignments are made to include as many referees as possible to gain experience from the mentoring, as well as, keeping in mind what is best for every game.  While it is an early season event, the players are showcasing their talent in front of college coaches, and you are too.  We all need to be “on top” of our game, and provide the players with our best effort.  All of us must come to the fields fully prepared, open to feedback from mentors, fellow officials, instructors, and assignors.  Come with an open mind to gaining something from the event to make you a better referee.  We all learn from every game, being a referee is an ongoing learning process, whether you are new to the job or a FIFA referee you must be open to feedback from others.  Approach every game assignment with the idea this is the “players World Cup” referees cannot think that we are “above the game” it is not about us, we must always want to improve and strive to give every game the best.

Tournament Preparation

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Yes, this is a January tournament in Colorado which means winter and you never know what Mother Nature may have in store for us.  As referees plan for this event be sure you have:
Warm/winter gear.  Referee warm gear must be black.  Solid black pants, beanie hats, gloves, head bands are all acceptable.  The key is BLACK!  

Warm gear can be layered, but your referee jersey must be visible as the top layer.

Plan accordingly for your needs.  Pack water, snacks, and extra layers to keep yourself comfortable.  In seven years we have never cancelled a game, we dress warm!

Review the WAFC CO Showcase homepage for additional event details.  Read all information and correspondence provided by the assignors.  Plan to arrive early for your games.

Referee Check-in

Plan accordingly to arrive at the designated referee check-in located at the main shelter area at the North pod a minimum of 45 minutes prior to your first game of each day.  

2014 WAFC Showcase & RTS (85 of 249)

Referee Games Fees & Payment

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