Vail Invitational

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July 21 - 23, 2017
Vail, Colorado


Vail Tournament Homepage
Includes full schedule, driving directions to fields, rules of competition.

The Vail Recreation District and Pepi's Soccer Club unite to host the Annual Vail Invitational Soccer Tournament, they welcome the top men's teams to the Rocky Mountains.

Games are played throughout Vail, Eagle-Vail and Edwards.

2017 Game Schedule

Rules of Competition

Driving Directions to the Fields

The Vail Invitational is not a "big" tournament in terms of the number of games.  Referees are assigned and optimum number of games so that you can give your best performance for each match.  You will be working at a high elevation in hot summer weather conditions.  The base elevation at Vail is 8,120 feet.  Be sure to bring sunscreen, water bottles to refill, and snacks as you see fit.  Drink water often, stay hydrated!

Referees will receive compensation for all games worked.  This is not a tournament to maximize your pay.  The benefits that you will receive in addition to payment include the opportunity to work high level amateur games, the opportunity to work with advanced referees, and receive feedback and mentoring.  Be involved in the casual conversations, enjoy the camaraderie and watching fellow referees work games.  Bring your best attitude, we will have a fun weekend with soccer and friends!

Referee Games Fees & Payment

Referee payment will be distributed at the fields by the tournament field marshall.  Referee = $30, Asst Referees = $20

Please ARRIVE AT YOUR FIELD A MINIMUM OF 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST GAME.  Field Marhsalls will call Kim Park if anyone is not present 25 minutes prior to kickoff.

Team Check-In

Field Marshall will check in the teams prior to the game.  Passes/rosters will be available to referees following the game to complete game reports.

Game Cards

Game card will be provided to you by the Field Marshall at your site.  Complete the game card in its entirety.  Referees & Asst Referees are to sign their names to verify the final score, misconduct & supplemental information.  

Referee Housing

Referee housing is provided free of charge for the tournament for those individuals who are working the games during the tournament.  Hotel/Condo assignments will be provided in, courtesy of Vail Reality

Arriving in Vail

Upon arriving in Vail please "check-in" by either calling or texting Kim Park PTW Assignor - 303-550-6703


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