Denver Winter Invitational


February 17 - 19, 2018
Long Lake Ranch, Aravada, CO
Rooney Road, Golden, CO

Annual Denver Winter Invitiational Tournament is a great pre-season event for teams and referees!  

Competition U11 - U19 boys and girls teams of all levels. All games are scheduled on synthetic turf fields, and this is a great President's Day weekend tournament to prepare for spring competition.

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Rules of Competition

Driving Directions to all Field Locations on Tournament Homepage

PTW Referee Site Coordinator Schedule & Contact #’s - Review this so you know who to check in with at Rooney & Long Lake sites.

Tournament Preparation

Denver Winter Invitational - 22

It is winter in Colorado which means winter and you never know what Mother Nature may have in store for us.  As referees plan for this event be sure you have:
Cold weather/winter gear.  

Referee gear for the cold should be black.  

- Solid black pants, 
- Beanie hats, head bands
- Gloves
All acceptable.  

The key is BLACK!  Cold weather gear can be layered, but your referee jersey must be visible as the top layer.

Plan accordingly! Pack water, snacks, and extra layers to keep yourself comfortable.  Games are scheduled on synthetic fields, snow on the ground and cold temperatures does not stop us from playing soccer!

Read all information and correspondence provided by the assignors leading up to the event to be prepared for your games.

Referee Check-in

Denver Winter Invitational - 28

Plan accordingly to arrive at the designated referee check-in a minimum of 45 minutes prior to your first game of each day.  Plan accordingly to allow for traffic and parking.  The assigned center referee will receive the official game card upon checking in.  Referees who have not communicated with PTW Staff or arrived 20 minutes prior to scheduled kickoff will be replaced.  

Standby Referee
If you are assigned as Standby or 4th Official

During group/preliminary play you will be paid as a "standby".  You must be present at the fields, and in/or near the referee tent during this time.  The Referee Mentors/Site Coordinator must be able to find you.  Referees on standby may be asked to fill in as needed, assist with errands between fields (i.e. Game card collection, team check-ins, etc.) as requested by the referee site coordinator.

In knock-out rounds of competition (semi-final, championship games) you will work the game and perform the duties of the 4th official.  

The 4th official has many responsibilities, prior to working a game as the 4th official take time to review Duties of the 4th Official


Game cards provide the referees at check-in at the Rooney Road & Long Lake Ranch Sites.  Site Coordinators will provide these to the center referee for each game, complete after each game and return to the site coordinator who will enter score to GotSoccer.  This is the official report of the game and verification for payroll.  


Referees must call in scores to GotSoccer, or use the Mobile Site and use Event Scoring.  Following each game call or go to mobile site to enter the final score:

Bookmark this site on your mobile device:

Alternatively, scores can be phoned in to GotSoccer: 904-758-0875

2017 - Event ID: 56180      PIN: 1717

PTW & Tournament Staff does request that center referees for all games enter final game reports/score in After Games.  In the event of inclement weather/lost game card we expect all game scores and incident reports to be in GameOfficials as the back up for tournament standings, and for your own personal referee records.

Determining a Winner

Consolation games - NO overtime periods - game may end in a TIE

Semi Final, Final Games - If tied at the end of regulation - directly to Kicks from the Penalty Mark to Determine a Winner (NO overtime)

Referee Games Fees & Payment

Yes, we have been known to shovel fields in previous years!

Denver Winter Invitational - 03
Denver Winter Invitational - 23
Denver Winter Invitational - 14

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