Denver Cup

August 3 - 6, 2017

Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO


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Denver Cup competition includes U11 - U19 boys and girls teams.  A number of teams from out of Colorado attend the event. The Denver Cup is and International tournament welcoming teams from Mexico, Peru, Canada, Honduras, India, and many of the 50 US States! Referees interested in working the event should provide availability in

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Tournament Referee Information

PTW Tournament Staff Schedule & Contacts

Rules of Competition - updated 8.4.17

DSGP Field Layout Map

Make sure you review the tournament MUST READS for important and helpful details in preparing for events.

Weather Information

Inclement Weather - Policy/Procedure

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Mentor Program

The PTW Mentor program is always a big part of every tournament event.  Mentors are on site through out the tournament to offer support and feedback to referees.  Tournaments are a great time to receive additional education and feedback about your on field performance.  Give every game your best effort, you never know who may be watching.

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Tournament Preparation

All referees must be prepared with a full uniform and all necessary equipment.  Black referee shorts, referee socks, gold referee jersey, as well as alternate jersey colors, flags, whistles, wrist watch are required.  Need referee uniforms or equipment? Contant OSI Rep Lela Marcin, 303-956-5358

All referees need to bring your own water bottle(s) to refill throughout the tournament.  Water will be provided, snacks may be available.  It is recommended that referees pack snacks/lunch if working a full day of games.  Do not rely on food being provided.  Plan accordingly for your needs.

Tournament updates are made via Twitter.  You can "follow" PTWSoccer by receiving text messages.  No Twitter account required.  To sign up - open a new text message on your phone - enter "40404" in the "To" fields and "Follow PTWSoccer" in the message field.

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Referee Check-in

Plan accordingly to arrive at the designated referee check-in tent a minimum of 60 minutes prior to your first game of each day.  Check-in is located on the east side of field 12, top of the grass hill.  Plan accordingly to allow for traffic and parking.  The assigned center referee will receive the official game card upon checking in.  

PTW Referee Staff Contact/Check In Details

Standby Referee

Referees are assigned to "standby" during tournaments.  You must be present at the fields, and check in at the referee headquarters tent at your schedule standby time, PTW staff will advise you of needs at that time.  Referees on standby may be asked to fill in as needed, assist with errands between fields (i.e. Game card collection, team check-ins, etc.) as requested by the referee site coordinator.

If you are scheduled as a referee for standby and you receive a score reminder you must enter a generic score of 99-99.

4th Officials

In knock-out rounds of competition (semi-final, championship games) referees will work the game and perform the duties of the 4th official.  

The 4th official has many responsibilities, prior to working a game as the 4th official take time to review the Guide to Procedures.

Game Cards

Game cards provide the referees at check-in. This is the official report of the game and verification for payroll.  Important competition notes are indicated on the cards. Take note of the length of game, uniform conflict information, type of game (i.e. Group/Preliminary play, consolation, semi-final, championship).  Review provided details - can the game end in a tie? are there overtime periods?

Center referee, both assistant referees & 4th officials must review and print your name on the game card for each game worked.  Complete the game cards at the completion of each game.

PTW does request that center referees enter final game reports/score in After Games.  In the event of inclement weather/lost game card we expect all game scores and incident reports to be in GameOfficials as a back up for tournament stinginess, and for your personal referee records.

All misconduct (yellow & red cards, dismissals) must be entered in After Games

Consolation, Semi-Final & Championship Games

Consolation games - may end in a tie, no overtime required

Semi-final games - need a winner, take note of tie-breaking procedures in the Rules of Competition

Championship Games - referees should begin these games with the "International Start".  Winner needed, take note of tie-breaking procedures in the Rules of Competition

Referee Games Fees & Payment

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