RTS & Mentor Program

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The Referee Training Sessions (RTS) and PTW Mentor Program is in place to provide support and continuing education to promote referees, increase referee retention and enhance the level of officiating at all levels.

Program Benefits

  • Provides continuing education with our on-field & classroom Referee Training Sessions (RTS)
  • Basic & advanced referee topics
  • Provides support to referees
  • Enhances the level of officiating at all levels
  • Builds a strong referee community
  • FAQ's below

Referees of all levels, and parents of referees are invited and encouraged to attend, please register online so we can plan accordingly for group size.  These sessions are led by the PTW mentors, instructors, assessors, assignors and special guests.

Why you should attend?  Your entry level certification provided you training on the FIFA Laws of the Game & US Soccer modifications to pass the written test.  Referee Training Sessions (RTS) prepare you for your league games.  Important details, procedures, and policies for your local leagues.  

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Mentoring is a support system, as well as, an educational program.  Mentoring gives the feedback necessary to assist referees, and encourages referees to continue in the program.  Mentoring includes edcuation beyond the entry level referee certifications and bridges the gap between the basic classroom hours and actual game assignments by providing guidance and support on the field.

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Mentor sessions may be on the field or in a classroom setting.  This is a great opportunity to better understand the laws of the game, and learn tips and pointers that have made other referees successful.  Referees at all levels benefit from the sessions.

PTW can coordinate game assignments to group referees together who can benefit from working with each other and receiving feedback.  As a referee there is no better way to learn than from your work on the field, and receiving feedback on day.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q - Do I need to register to attend mentor sessions?

A - We welcome ALL referees to join us the the mentor sessions.  No registration is required.  RSVP's are appreciated so that we can plan accordingly for group size; however we always welcome "walk ins".  Join us anytime!

Q - Is there any cost for mentor sessions?

A - Mentor sessions are FREE education opportunities to all referees.  Instructors, assignors, assessors, and feloow referees volunteer their time to make these great events happen.

Q - Can parents attend mentor sessions?

A - Parents are encouraged to attend sessions with their youth referees.  These sessions offer you the chance to ask questions and hear more details about your child's job as a referee.  In addition to parents of referees; coaches, soccer spectators and soccer enthusiasts in general are invited.  By attending you will understand more about the laws of the game and the job of the referees.

Q - Why should I attend mentor sessions?

A - First - refereing is a continual learning process.  We learn from our experiences on the field and from every educational opportunity made available.  Mentor sessions are an opportunity to meet and talk with other referees and learn from their experiences and the discussions.  Second - it is a "safe" place to ask questions, again we are all learning.  Get answers about assignments, payment, writing game reports and any other issues involved with working games.  Third - it is a place to become a better referee.


Like teams training each week, the mentor sessions are the referee's training for game day!  This is how we get better!

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Referee Training Session (Pride Office) - Topic Positioning!

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On field training & mentoring!

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