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Welcome New Referees

Congratulations on becoming a USSF Certified Referee.  We welcome you to the referee community.  You have chosen a challenging, yet rewarding job.  PTW is committed to helping you have a successful referee career and this means getting you started on the "right foot”.


As a new referee you have completed the entry level course successfully.  The course instructed you on the Laws of the Game, and prepared you to pass the written test - you still have a lot to learn!  Now that you have completed the class you need to prepare beyond the classroom. Refereeing is an on-going learning process, you must continually educate yourself, and have an open mind to improving.  Referee learn from every game!

As a new referee you are encouraged to watch these short videos provided by US Soccer to help prepare you for your job as a referee.  These referees will provide you valuable information to help you deal with the challenges of being a referee, and will empower you to succeed.

We always invite you to the PTW Referee Training Sessions (RTS)  for continuing education.  PTW is dedicated to education and helping referees learn and be their best.  More about the Mentor Program.

Video #1 - Advice to New Referees: Getting Started

Video #2 - Advice to Parents of New Referees

Video #2 - Advice to New Referees: Making A Good First Impression

In addition to all of the resources provided to you by your Assignors, use the site for additional referee education resources.

The PTW Mentor Program & Referee Training Sessions and Colorado Referee Continuing Education will keep you educated and informed on the Laws of the Game, and offers continuing education for your success on the fields.  As you begin your referee career be sure to make it a priority to attend additional trainings. 

RTS and mentor events are posted on the front page, sent via email, on Twitter, and on the front page of  Mark your calendars to join us.

US Soccer Federational Referee Program YouTube Channel Videos

Being the Referee

Referee Signals

Assistant Referee Signals

The Pre-Game Conference

Continuing Education with the PTW Referee Training Sessions (RTS) & Referee Continuing Education (RCE)

PTW is committed to educating referees & providing materials and events to improve the quality of referees on the field.

Refereeing is an on going learning process, after your entry level certification you will learn from on- field experiences, from other referees and from materials and programs provided.  Referees must take time to edcuate themselves to continually improve.  Referees and parents of referees are encouraged to take advantage of any trainings, mentoring and educational material that is made available.  PTW offers Referee Training Sessions (RTS) throughout the year.  Announcements are posted online, sent via email, and you can watch for the next RTS on the PTW Event Calendar.  

ALL Referees of ALL levels are invited and encourage to attend the RTS. Watch for details about the next session coming to a location near you!

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