PTW has joined the US Referee Connection Respect Campaign.  We are committed to making the soccer fields a "friendlier" place for everyone who enjoys the beautiful game.  Each one of us has a role in making the game more enjoyable for everyone! Read below to find out how you can pledge to join the PTW campaign to "clean up our game".

Every year thousands of referees quit working games because of the abuse they receive from players on the field as well the behavior from the touchlines.  Many young players quit playing because of the attitudes and actions displayed by parents.

The tools provided by the Respect program will help us ensure a safe and positive environment for all of us to enjoy the game.

"RESPECT is the collective responsibility of everyone in soccer to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place.  It is the behavioral code for soccer.  RESPECT is a continuous US Referee Connection program, not just a temporary initiative." Respect Guide pg 6

Download your copy of the USRC Respect Guide, review the codes of conduct and make it your goal to help improve behavior on the field and on the touchlines!

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The FA Respect Guides for Download

Everyone has an important role in the Respect campaign.  How will you help?  You  as a player, coach, team manager, referee, club/league, or parent/spectator will all help to achieve better behavior on the soccer fields!

USRC Respect Code of Conduct - Match Officials

USRC Respect Code of Conduct - Coaches/Team Officials

USRC Respect Code of Conduct - Spectators/Parents

USRC Respect Code of Conduct - Adult Players

USRC Respect Code of Conduct - Young Players

All together we can make the soccer fields a better and more enjoyable place for all of us who love the beautiful game

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