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How do I re-certify? Online via CRA Group 1279, Registration & Learning Systems.  If you do not have the option to Change Identity to the CRA Group you can contact any of us for assistance, we can help you with access to the test in GameOfficials.

Denise Duran, State Director of Instruction

Deanna Duncan-Allen, Assistant State Director of Instruction

Step by Step to reach the Recertification Test

Log in to your account
Change Identity, “switch” CRA Official Group 1279
Select Courses
Select Referee Courses
Options appropriate for your referee grade will be listed.  The majority of referees need to complete one of the following.

2018 US Soccer Grade 8 Referee Recertification

2018 US Soccer Grade 9 Recreational Referee Recertification or Bridge Course

Once you have selected the appropriate course for your grade select -  Register for This Course, make your payment.

If you have questions about which course is appropriate for you contact us for assistance. 

After registering you will load the Session Tracker to complete the online training requirements.

Questions regarding your recertification or accessing the test in can be directed to

Have you let your registration lapse? We welcome you back to the referee program and can help you get US Soccer certified again.  There are options for everyone!

Upon successful completion of the online training and paying your registration fee you will be approved for the current year and your badge will be mailed to you directly from US Soccer.  Historically this may take several weeks, but you are eligible to work games.  Colorado needs you on the fields!

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