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Are you in need of purchasing referee uniforms? Equipment?

OSI’s Representative, Lela Marcin is your ONLY direct source in Colorado for your referee needs., 303-956-5358

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  • Personal service
  • Inventory available
  • See sizes and options  available in person before purchasing
  • Direct shipping
  • Returns & exchanges
  • Available at all PTW events
  • Customization of items available upon request

Lela can assist with your needs as a new referee getting started by offering the best value for your started kit, or if you are a seasoned referee in need of upgrading uniforms, or adding a new jersey color to your bag.  On field uniforms and off the field apparel is available.

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Fox whistles

Lela also carries Fox 40 whistles, the most popular referee whistle, and the most practical for new referees so that you can be heard loud and clear on the field!

New flags, red/yellow cards, data wallets, and much more available to you, right here in Colorado.

Contact Lela for your needs!

Lela Marcin

Lela is always available to make personal arrangements to get you what you need - contact her directly.

You can make purchases at PTW Events throughout the year including RTS, tournaments, pre-tournament meetings, and more.

Contact Lela in advance to pre-order & check inventory is helpful.

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