Game Day

This resource page is provided to give every referee all information and details for a successful league game day.  Read, review and prepare for kickoff!

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Game Day Checklist for Success

  • Log in - GameOfficials. Review final assignment schedule, print for reference
  • Check your bag - have everything you need? (OSI Rep Lela Marcin)
  • Field/Driving directions?
  • Rules of Competition (see below)
  • Who am I working with? Know your crew members
  • Ready for your pre-game? (Download PTW Pre-Game Reminder Card)
  • Establish a technical area on the field: Diagram
  • Plan accordingly - arrive 30 min (45 recommended) prior to kickoff
  • Field # - go directly to the field/field # you are assigned
  • Amateur/Adult league referees - did I print game day rosters?
  • PTW & Be A Friend, Make A Friend - Mental Toughness Checklist

Colorado Referee Committee Policy 003 - Match Priority for Referee Assignments

Colorado Referee Committee Policy 004 - Turnback of Accepted Assignments

Colorado Referee Committee Policy 005 - US Soccer Recreational Referee (G9)

Game Day Site Coordinator/Mentor Information Contact Information

If a site coordinator/mentor is assigned to your complex communicate with them regarding questions and issues.  They will be your first line of communication on game day. 

Site Coordinators/Mentors - Saturday 11/4/2017


If a referee crew is short a referee at game time - NO 2 whistle system!



The diagonal system of control consists of one referee and two assistant referees. All competitions sanctioned by the U.S. Soccer Federation require the use of this officiating system and certain competitions may require the use of a fourth official. 

In order to comply with the Laws of the Game all games sanctioned directly or indirectly by member organizations of the U.S. Soccer Federation must employ the diagonal system of control and be assigned according to the following order or preference:

  • One registered referee and two registered assistant referees
  • One registered referee, one registered assistant referee and one unregistered club linesperson*
  • One registered referee and two unregistered club linespersons*
  • One registered referee only if no unregistered club linespersons are available or if one registered referee is appropriate for the level of competition

*Club linespersons are only allowed to signal for the ball in and out of play. The preference should always been given to unregistered club linespersons who have no affiliation to the participating teams. 


Rules of Competition



IFAB Laws of the Game - Spanish, French, German versions

CSA Youth Rules & Procedures

CSA Modifications to the Laws of the Game

CSA Recreational & Small-Sided U9-U19
CSA Front Range League (FRL)

CSA 4v4 Standards
CSA 7v7 Standards
CSA 9v9 Standards
Heading Policy - Front Range League/Recreational Only (FRL, REC prefix)
Concussion Policy


Club Specific - Rules of Competition

If no specific league/club rules provided here - apply the CSA Rules

REAL Colorado Recreational

St Vrain FC Recreational Rules of Competition Quick Guide

HRSA (Highlands Ranch Soccer Assocation)

Rapids Youth Recreational

Pride Soccer Club Recreational League U7 - U14

Pocket Reference Card for Volunteer Linesman - print, cut & handout to volunteers

Rules of Competition - League Specific

ECNL (Elite Clubs National League) 2017/2018
 - Game Day Info
 - Referee Info

 - Competition Rules
 - Referee Guidelines

Amateur Leagues
Colorado Adult Soccer Association - to print Rosters for CASA sanctioned leagues

Boulder Soccer League (BSL) Division 1, 2, 3 & Over 40 Men & Coed League

Game Reports
ALL Games for ALL Leagues reported in After Games of Gameofficials
Your job is not complete until the game report is submitted to the league. 

match report

CSA league Games - Score Reporting GotSoccer - Champions League (CCL)
Centennial League (CENT)
Front Range League (FRL)
Secondary League (SLA & SLB)
Mountain Region League (MRL)

If you work a game that does not include one of these listed prefixes - the report is entered in After Games of GameOfficials only!

SLA/SLB League - the teams will only have player passes.  No rosters are required. This is a supplemental league and players have been given clearance to play in more then one game a day.  Player passes must match the appropriate birth year for the game.

Retained player/coach pass(es) due to misconduct? 
(Red Card or Dismissal) The pass & a copy of the game report must be mailed to CSA. 

Colorado Soccer Association
Attention: Katie Shaffer
4643 S Ulster Street, Suite 250
Denver CO 80237

2017/2018 Cautionable & Sending-off Offenses

GotSoccer & Game Reporting Video Tutorial

Fall 2017 Youth Game Reporting Information

No-Show Team
Referee crews at the fields for an assigned game and have a no show team, or if neither team shows; enter the generic score of 99-99 and make a note as an Other incident report regarding the team(s) that were a no show. 

Referee Crew Changes
Did your crew change at the field?  You must send a text or email to your Assignor and notify them of the change needed in GameOfficials.  You must provide full names (first, last) and who worked what position so the updates can be made in 

Standby Referees
Assigned “standby” referees are to check in with the site coordinator/mentor at the assigned standby game time.  If a referee is running late, still working a previous assignment, or if a referee needs to be replaced you will step in on a game that as needed.  If all games are covered you will be paid the standby pay rate.

If you are assigned as the “referee” for a standby” game the system will send you score reminder notices - enter a generic score of 99-99 on standby games.

Remember - no game report, no referee payment.  The After Game report goes to the club/league.  Each game unreported game score or missing incident report results in a $5.00 deduction in the game fee.


Fall 2017 Pay Schedule

Fall 2017 Pay Memo & Dates

League referee payrolls are processed a minimum of 4 times per season.  Games are processed and submitted to clubs/leagues to make payment the weeks as listed.  Referees must allow a few extra days for funding & payments to clear the bank and show in your GOPay accounts.

PTW/Assignors are not responsible for the referee payment, we process the games and submit to the club & leagues for them to fund GOPay for games processed.  Payment comes from multiple paying entities if you referee for multiple leagues & competitions.  You will not receive payment for all games/all leagues worked on the same dates.  Payment details are always available in your reports.

All referees must establish a GOPay account in, and PTW must have your Independent Contractor Agreement & W9 on file.


Weather & Field Conditions

PTW will make updates through & via Twitter regarding game/field status.  If no updates and no game cancelations or changes are received you must go to fields as scheduled.  

Do not call the assignors directly, it slows down our ability to communicate information to all referees. Decisions regarding game day field conditions and playability are typically made first thing in the morning 6-7AM.

Club Field Closure Information

weatherbug iconjpg med

Within the WeatherBug app is the Spark feature - this feature detects lightening within the area.  We have found it to be very effective & helpful if storms move in to the area.  A good FREE download!

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 10.35.51 AM

Best practice - you are advised to clear the fields when lightning is at 10 miles.  It takes time to get everyone off of fields and moved to safe locations.  Lightning is likely to be even closer by the time everyone has cleared the field.  

Field Map Layouts - Fall 2017

Aurora Sports Park
Broomfield County Commons Pods
Cornerstone Park
Dove Valley
Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
Gates North & South - CO Storm
Heritage Park Highlands Ranch

Note: Referee crews who are at the fields for assigned games and the game is suspended due to weather. Enter generic score of 99-99 and make a note to indicate the minute of play & score at the time of weather suspending the game.  The Score of 99 for both home and away teams, will stop email notifications by Game Officials, and will also serve as a red flag and will require Club Administrators attention.

Thank you for your work! Clubs, teams, players, leagues and assignors appreicate you!  Make it a great day on the fields! Work as a team, support your fellow referees, and always give every game your best effort!

Be Prepared, Be Responsible, Be On-Time, Be Respectful, Be Team Oriented, & Best Effort

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